Another cool short created by Dark Rye Productions. This pretty much sums up cycling for the bulk of us I would think. This is why cycling, in any form, is so great. It tests you on every level: physical, mental, emotional…everything. But, of course, we know this!

“What’s on your mind? Maybe money and the rent, your ex, what must be done—later. How things should’ve went down—before. How things are or how they ought to be. Memory. Conjecture. Until, as the co-founders of EPIC protein bars—Taylor Colins and Katie Forrest—explain, you get on your bike and all that airy nothing gets blown away by the palpable presence of what is happening between a body and a world. How do my legs feel? How hard am I breathing? How much farther can I go? A heightened connection to the sensory experience of life. The mad unrestrained revival of joy!”