Revamped Bontrager AW3 Tires Get Significantly More Durable New Bontrager all weather tires for road and gravel

One of the biggest annoyances we face as cyclists is fixing flats. Luckily, Bontrager’s revamped AW3 all-weather tires are looking to make flats history.


The previous generation AW3 tires already offered better puncture protection than the rest of Bontrager’s road tires, but the new generation brings things to another level: a whopping 78-percent better protection against punctures. To accomplish this, the AW3 line now features an updated sub-tread layer made with a weave of nylon and aramid. The aramid layer provides leading puncture protection, while the nylon layers maintain the supple feel road riders expect from their tires.

There are two versions of the AW3, the Hard-Case and Hard-Case Light, both of which feature the protection of an nylon/aramid tread layer. The Hard-Case tire gets an additional layer of protection courtesy of a bead-to-bead nylon ply, increasing both durability and puncture protection, at a slight weight penalty (70 grams per tire for a size 700×28).

All versions of the AW3 utilize a proprietary TR-Endure compound made to hold up against any surface. And while the AW3 maintains a smooth center for quick rolling, it also features a textured shoulder tread for extra traction and cornering ability. There is also channeling which whisks away water to provide better grip on wet days.

With this enhanced puncture protection and grip through any conditions or terrain, Bontrager calls the AW3 a set it and forget it tire.

Sizes and Pricing

The Hard-Case Lite version is available in 700x25mm, 700x28mm, 700x32mm and 700x38mm sizes, making it a great choice for your road or gravel bike. Additionally, the Hard-Case Lite version has an option for a reflective sidewall on all sizes. The more protective Hard-Case version is also available in 700x25mm, 700x28mm, 700x32mm and 700x38mm sizes. Each size retails for $60 per tire.