Oct 21, 2015 – Jeremy Powers has absolutely dominated the top step of the American cyclocross podium for the better part of three seasons. He has been on another level, winning almost every single race that he’s entered including the last three National Championships. While he hasn’t quite achieved the success he’s aimed for in Europe, he finished ninth in the UCI World Cup standings last year and started this year’s campaign with a sixth place finish in the first World Cup race of the season at Cross Vegas.

Clive Pursehouse/Motofish

Powers’ domination of the American cyclocross scene has run as a parallel narrative while he’s developed his own team, Aspire Racing, and laid the foundation for all of the sponsoring partners and funding for that operation. At the same time Powers has continued to build the JAM Fund program to mentor and support aspiring young riders.

With The Book of Cross, Powers is looking to use media to reach out to and continue to grow the American cyclocross fanbase. “I’m very excited to be creating this kind of content for cyclocross fans again. I’ve always loved video; it’s why I started Behind the Barriers and BTB TV.” With The Book of Cross, Powers has partnered with one of his sponsors, Motofish Images, to produce a series of videos aimed at growing the sport and bringing attention to his Aspire Racing team of sponsors.

“I’m 32 now, when I took that first step at putting myself out there, back in 2010, showing fans who I was with video – I was a different, younger version of myself. Anyone who watched my first show, Behind the Barriers will find the 2015 Jeremy, a little more refined, a little more relaxed and hopefully a little more tolerable.”

This is a different, and in some ways more intimate and serious look at America’s national champion than what we’ve seen previously. In chapter one, Powers prepares for the Cross Vegas World Cup race. The video documents the importance of Cross Vegas and an American World Cup race, as well as a more personal side of Powers, who shares his struggles with ADD and ADHD and the outlet that cycling has provided him. A combination of compelling race day footage and behind the scenes narrative makes for a very watchable documentary for both the sports most serious fans as well as newcomers.

The Book of Cross // Chapter 1