Dec 10, 2014 – After 32 years as a racer Jens Voigt has finally retired but he will not be stepping away from the sport of cycling or the Trek Factory Racing Team. The well-loved German will officially be a consultant with the team with varied responsibilities from coaching to directing. The full press release is below.

Trek/Yuzuru Sunada

Voigt and Trek Factory Racing reached an agreement about the German’s continued involvement with the team. The recently retired German will remain with the Trek team as a team consultant.

Jens Voigt: “I’ll take on an active role in the team staff and my new role involves a lot of things: coaching and motivating the riders, helping out the youngsters, and directing at a few select races, once I have obtained my director certificate.”

Luca Guercilena (General Manager): “We want to keep Jens’ heritage alive and tie it to the present team. I’d love all of our riders to ride like Jens used to ride. He raced full gas and gave everything to the team, every race. Jens won a whole lot of races, but maybe he is more popular because of the races that he didn’t win than the races that he won. His attitude, motivation, and experience is something that we want to continue within our team.”

Jens Voigt, currently at the Trek Factory Racing training camp in Alfas del Pi, Spain, will begin his new role with the team at the Tour Down Under in Australia in January. It was an easy and welcomed decision for Voigt to continue working with Trek Factory Racing, but he said the transition from rider to staff would take a little time to adjust to after 32 years as a competitor.

Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 7.25.26 AM“I am really looking forward to continue working with Trek Factory Racing, the team I love!” continued Voigt. “Of course, it hurts seeing the boys go out for training in the morning and leaving the “old man” back at the hotel. But I am sure that this is the dream job after my active career on the bike.

“I’ve always raced with my heart and left all I had on the road. I’m super happy to share my advice and especially help the young riders to race like that in the future. I want to inspire them to take chances and be an active part of a race.”