Apr 18, 2016 – Tro Bro Leon: One Of Bicycle Racing’s Most Original Events Races Through Backroads of Brittany

By James STARTT, European Associate to Peloton Magazine

It is safe to say that France’s off-beat Tro Bro Leon race is one of the sport’s best-kept secrets. Held every year since 1984 on the Western edges of Brittany, the race winds along dramatic coastal roads as well as covering numerous rugged off-road sections.

Held just one week after the epic cobble-stone classic Paris-Roubaix, the Tro Bro Leon event covers 25 ribon, non-paved roads and agricultural paths the turn any sort of a traditional bike race up-side down.

While its remote location hinders its selling power at the World Tour ranks, there is an undeniable feeling for those here, that they are experiencing an utterly unique form of bike racing.