WAHOO KICKR BIKE X PELOTON | KICKR BIKE Reality Shift Words by Brad Roe, Images by Pete Burr

After looking at the innovative Real Ride Feel of the new KICKR BIKE, we want to now explore another key feature, the ability to personalize shifting.


One of the coolest aspects of the new KICKR BIKE is the ability to match the shifting system to your current bike or bikes. This feature allows you to choose SRAM, Shimano or Campagnolo as your shifting system of choice while riding indoors. We spend a lot of time choosing the shifting system for our bikes and Wahoo wanted to honor that by allowing personalization indoors.

You have the option of setting up the gearing and shifting to meet your preferences so your indoor virtual training can better match your outdoor adventures. You have the ability to choose exact gear ratios, including the number of gears, and match exactly the tooth count of your favorite cassette.

In Video: The Wahoo KICKR BIKE

The brains of this shifting innovation is built into the KICKR BIKE shifting controls, designed for an intuitive feel allowing you to cycle through gear changes and adapt to grade changes. The engineers at Wahoo also built in a button system to meet the needs of future shifting technology, so your KICKR BIKE is ready for new shifting innovation.

Another great feature on the shifting platform is the haptic technology, designed to mimic the feel of shifting out on the road. You can also monitor your shifting on the KICKR BIKE’s digital display to optimize shifting and grade changes and power numbers. The final touch on this platform is the unique ability to control climbs and descents by manually changing grades on the left shifting hood.

For more information on the Wahoo KICKR BIKE visit wahoofitness.com

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