Saris X PELOTON|Chapter 2: Ideal Days Words by William Tracy, Images by Jordan Clark Haggard

We would like to think that every sunrise brings another perfect sunny day spent logging miles on the open road, turning over the digital Strava odometer. But more often than not, the universe has other plans for us.


Very few of us have the privilege of getting paid to ride a bike full time. For the rest of us, training means squeezing every spare moment out of the day, working around career and family responsibilities, and hopefully cobbling together enough time to pull off a reasonable ride.

On busy days, if we find ourselves with 40 spare minutes, the last thing we’re going to try to do is kit up just to ride to the start of a good route, only to have to turn back just as the ride is picking up. No, for the precious few free moments we have Monday through Friday, especially with sunlight past 5 p.m. just a distant blip on the horizon, we have to think differently. We have to look inside.

‘Trainer’ is a dirty word in many circles. Just uttering its name is enough to send shivers down the back of many a competitive cyclist. But given the choice between a short, unfulfilling ride outside—or no ride at all—and a high intensity session inside, we always find ourselves crawling back to them.

However, a funny thing has been happening recently. We’re no longer begrudgingly reaching for our trainer. With new smart direct drive trainers, and immersive training software like Zwift and Rouvy, we’ve been nearly content with this indoor time. Nearly.

The final puzzle piece in our training cave came recently. One piece of hardware has shifted that internal mood from dread to downright enjoying trainer time. The Saris MP1 Nfinity trainer platform, with its ability to lean side-to-side, and fore and aft, gets us lost in the ride. And really that was the last thing missing for us, the ability to just focus on the riding, all without that little voice in the back of our mind reminding us every second that we’re inside. This board makes those precious spare moments for weekday training time well spent.

Like most any other cyclist, we still want to hit the tarmac more than anything. Come the weekend, or any fleeting excuse for a holiday, we’re out enjoying the day, be it sunny or freezing. But not every day is Saturday. Work exists. Life happens. For all the other days, we have our trainer set up on an MP1 Nfinity.

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