Saris X Peloton | Chapter 1: Rethinking How We Train Indoors Words and Images by William Tracy

Indoor sessions on the trainer are going to be a fact of life so long as winter means dark, cold days and nasty weather. And while riding indoors on a trainer is never going to be exactly the same as riding outdoors, Saris wants it to be as close as it can be. The Wisconsin-based company’s MP1 Nfinity trainer platform is a big step toward making indoor riding not just bearable, but, dare we say, enjoyable.    


What Is It?

The MP1 Nfinity is deceptively simple. It’s a platform designed to sit below a bicycle trainer, both traditional ones and new direct drive smart trainers, that allows both side-to-side and fore and aft movement. This slight amount of movement—9.5 inches of fore-aft travel and side-to-side movement of up to 6°—is just enough to make you feel like you’re back out on the open road. Sometimes it’s the simplest concepts that make the biggest difference.

How Does It Work?

The MP1 Nfinity introduces movement to a trainer without the aid of electronics. Compatible with nearly any trainer, it consists of a birch wood platform connected to a steel/aluminum system of rollers and a peened leaf spring. Everything is tuned to provide just enough movement to simulate outdoor riding; after all, you want to feel like you’re riding a bicycle, not a bucking bronco.

A steel/aluminum base with rollers creates fore-aft movement.
The fore-aft movement gives the MP1 a unique ride feel. 
A steel/aluminum base with a peened leaf spring creates up to 6° of side-to-side movement.

The entire platform takes up only slightly more of a footprint than a trainer and bicycle on their own would. And happily, the trainer comes completely ready to go out of the box. It doesn’t take long to get your favorite trainer set up. After centering your bike/trainer on the platform, all it takes to secure a direct drive trainer like our Saris H3 is two straps (which also bolt into the platform for added security) and a block for the front wheel.

And unlike most things in cycling, we’re glad this product has some weight to it. At 62 pounds, the sturdy MP1 Nfinity stays put during your training session, even when pedaling out of the saddle.

Small details like adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces, and adding grip tape to the deck so you don’t slip in your cycling shoes while getting on and off, reveal a well thought-out design.