Mont Ventoux is a special climb, highlighted by the lack of life as you approach the summit from the valley below. We showcase images from Marshall Kappel presented by Zipp, to take you on a unique journey of this majestic mountain in the South of France over the course of June, leading up to the Tour de France.


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Rounding the final hairpin after 26km of climbing, the first sight of flat terrain made us smile through the pain. The tiny Barbershop tower we’ve been following from a distance, now towering in front of us; cars and other signs of life are scattered around the summit, a simple stickered sign marks out achievement. While the summit is rough and simple, the elation of our achievement won’t be forgotten soon.


There’s always a nervous anticipation in conquering something new, something mythic. Our goal is Mont Ventoux, the legendary mountain in the South of France. In the days leading up to our first attempt, the peak is always in sight. The roads around here are mountainous and arid, full of cliffs and caves that make this the perfect training ground before heading to the Giant of Provence.


Day after day, we choose to explore new towns and villages surrounding Mont Ventoux. These are among the most beautiful rides in the world. From Bonnieux to Gordes, from the painted hills of Roussillon to the rugged Gorges de la Nesque, everywhere is quaint beauty, seemingly unchanged for centuries. Everywhere is calm and peaceful with only sporadic signs of modern life.

Photos by @marshallkappel for @pelotonmagazine and @zippspeed. #ZippSpeed #ventoux

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