Peloton X ASSOS: The Santa Monica Mountains Treehouse Words by Kelton Wright; Images by Jordan Clark Haggard

Over the past few years, I’ve found myself nesting deeper and deeper into my treehouse in the Santa Monica Mountains just outside Los Angeles. It was originally an old hunting cabin, built in the 1920s, and it sits with its many decades of small and strange edits on a street reaching grades of 30 percent. There is no avoiding “good” riding here: I’m either descending hairpins on one of the few streets in Southern California that gets black ice, or I’m climbing a street so steep I could walk it faster. 


Last summer I quit my tech job in the city and exchanged early morning commuter rides down the canyon for mid-day climbs deeper into the mountains. Even most of my drives out of the canyon were replaced with local spins—grabbing milk at the market, picking up roadside flowers or popping by friends’ places as they too moved out of the city. So when the orders to stay at home hit, “shelter in place” felt more like something that could have been written in script on my doormat than a government order.

But with the trails closed for safety and my new work scaling up, riding quickly went from big, robust adventures to just keeping me sane. Cycling became an efficiency-driven, get-it-done workout also meant to salvage and restore my sanity. When I’m short on time, I need kit that makes sense—it needs to do the work, and do it well, without extra fluff, pinching seams or a shifting chamois.

Out of the box, you can see the additional levels of consideration for the ASSOS DYORA RS women’s bibs. There are feature areas on these bibs that are so novel, I wasn’t even sure what they were for. But that resolved on the bike.

The straps fit snugly: secure and sensible placement in the front, and no bulky fabric adding layers where I don’t need it. But the best and most unexpected part: the extended rollBar straps in the back. Because of the structural engineering of the straps, the chamois never moves. That’s great for the long days in the saddle, but it’s even better for when I only have an hour to ride. When I’m rushing out the door, I want to be able grab the pieces I need, get dressed and not worry about if the sleeves will bunch up, or how long I can tolerate the chamois. The ASSOS DYORA RS women’s bibs don’t sausage, the straps are secure and comfortable, and for once, the jersey sleeves fit like skin. I love them.

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