CLIF x PELOTON: A New Direction for Clif Pro Team Words by Brad Roe, Images by David Oh

“I’m extremely proud of what the team has accomplished over the past 17 years. We have done an amazing job inspiring others to start all-women teams and leading the way for many brands to recognize the value and make the commitment to women’s cycling” — Katerina Nash


The Clif Pro Team gathered in San Luis Obispo for a team camp a few weeks ago to ride, explore and plan for the 2019 season. Sponsored by Clif Bar since 2002, the team formerly known as the Luna Pro Team or Luna Chix is the longest-running team in elite women’s racing and one of the most respected teams in all of pro cycling. With Olympic medals, world championships and World Cup titles to its credit, the team has a combined 14 Olympic appearances to date!

In 2019 and beyond, the team is taking a new and creative direction. “We get to start something new and welcome men to the roster. I think we can learn from each other and help each other in many ways and represent Clif Bar at many more events,” said Nash. “We don’t really play by the traditional rules; everyone is an important part of this team and that makes a big difference. That has always been a great thing about the Clif Pro Team.”

The team will compete in a selection of non-traditional events this year including Lost and Found, Downieville, Grinduro, Iceman and others—with the focus being on tackling new adventures and challenges together. “We are Clif Bar, inclusivity and supporting our born-on-a-bike heritage is at our core,” said Clif Bar’s Lucas Euser. “The sport of cycling in North America is constantly evolving and by diversifying the Clif Pro Team, we can participate in a variety of new team events we haven’t previously explored. It’s an exciting time for the team and we’re looking forward to continuing our support as we have for the last 18 years and to the many new adventure ahead.”

After a day of riding in the verdant hills above San Luis Obispo, the team visited local spots in town including Boo Boo Records, where they chatted with Mike White, cyclist and manager of the town’s iconic record shop that opened in 1974.

Rider Catherine Pendrel summed up the day and the focus for 2019: “Our team has always emphasized equality amongst team members. We each bring our own flare and make it the awesome family that it is. It’s exciting because we get to reinvent our team a little bit with a new collective focus.”