Going into this past week we knew it was gonna be hot and crazy but none of us knew how much of either it would be. And, it was a lot of both. Austin City Limits Music Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the country. Saint Motel was absolutely honored to play both weekends, and even more so to play the main stage. Sharing the stage with the likes of Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Cage The Elephant, Local Natives, and many more, is an absolute honor. When that opportunity is given, and goes extremely well, it is an even sweeter experience.

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Weekend One was super jam packed, but luckily bookended with two off-days in Austin, which, turns out, is an amazing place to ride your bike. The Texas heat was strong, but not too brutal, and thankfully before and after a festival weekend, pedaling out the demons on many miles of pavement and dirt trails in and around the Austin area is the way to go. It’s always interesting to see how different communities recreate. The moment you step foot on the rec trails in and around town, you immediately feel the vibe. People in Austin LOVE the outdoors. The city has done an incredible job building a multi-use trail system. To be honest, when I started riding the dirt trails, I was scared I wasn’t allowed to be there, but was quickly comforted when a gang of cyclocross locals flew past me.

Weekend Two of ACL went off without a hitch, and the festival confirmed they had never seen a crowd that size at that time slot in the history of the event. From our very very rough estimate, we guessed 25-30,000 people saw out Saint Motel show. We were all on cloud -nine after the festival. It was an unbelievable success.

With that high, comes the absolute exhaustion the day after. We loaded into our bus and passed out en route to a day off in Tulsa. Waking up in a casino parking lot in rural Oklahoma isn’t always the most ideal way to celebrate a major success. However, I was unaware that my ride that afternoon would be the most enjoyable of the tour so far. With a couple of scans of the local road maps, I picked a direction, and luckily it was the right one! I ended up on a local 15-20 mile loop of some of the most beautiful country roads I have ever seen. As I rode through the tree tunnels and cooling fall temperatures, I was able to reflect on what a day I had just had, and also how awesome it was I now found myself surrounded by cattle, peacocks, and zero humans. Basically the polar opposite day to what I had experienced a mere 24 hours before. I was reminded again of the pure simplicity and beauty a bicycle can provide for anyone, regardless of who or where they are.

Cheers from the back of the bus,

Saintmotel’s new album, Saintmotelevision drops October 21st. The fall tour runs from September 15th to October 29th. For more info check out Saint Motel’s Facebook page.

Saint Motel 2016 Fall Tour Dates
9/29 – TULSA – OK
10/1 – AUSTIN – TX
10/4 – HOUSTON – TX
10/5 – DALLAS – TX
10/8 – AUSTIN – TX
10/10 – ST. LOUIS – MO
10/11 – LAWRENCE – KS
10/14 – MILWAUKEE – WI
10/15 — CHICAGO, IL
10/17 – CLEVELAND – OH
10/19 – BOSTON – MA
10/20 – WASHINGTON – D.C.
10/21 – NEW YORK – NY
10/25 – NASHVILLE – TN
10/27 – CHARLOTTE – NC
10/28 – ATLANTA – GA
10/29 – NEW ORLEANS – LA