It’s the end of a long day. Three friends are celebrating at their local pub in a small Flemish town. They’re discussing the day’s big event, De Ronde van Vlaanderen, Belgium’s Super Bowl. They saw the race come through town before watching the final few hours on the pub’s TV.

Josh, the oldest of the three, is a big fan of Tom “Tomeke” Boonen and his teammate Phil Gilbert. His buddy Marc, a little worse for wear, has been rooting all day for native son Greg Van Avermaet. While the youngest of the three, Jean-Pierre, has been a huge Peter Sagan supporter ever since the Slovak rider won De Ronde a year ago.

Like thousands of other Belgians, the three friends put bets on their favorites that morning. Josh, who came up trumps with Gilbert, is paying for the drinks tonight. And he can’t stop talking about his hero’s amazing long solo breakaway that won him the race.

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