Named after a sacred climb in the French Alps, Col de la Croix de Fer, the Croix de Fer cycling team is based in Montréal, Canada. We talked to Charles Philippe Warren about the team’s unique kits and the upcoming adventures of the Croix de Fer team members.

Words: Peloton

Can you tell us a little bit about the Croix de Fer team? Croix de Fer is into its sixth year of existence. It was created at first as a team with the sole intention to ride and race together with a unique look and identity. From the start the group was composed of 10 riders or so from Montréal but with all different backgrounds. Activities were based around road races and long endurance rides, but also have evolved into cyclocross and gravel adventures over the years. Croix de Fer is now composed of 25 riders who all share the same passion toward cycling and pushing themselves further. The vibe is now less competitive and more friendly.

And the design inspiration for the team kits? This year, design is a 2.0 version of our 2016 Louis Garneau custom cycling kits. We used to have a really distinctive look with the Croix de Fer cross on the shoulders almost with a medievalesque style and with razzle-dazzle side panels…you know, an uncommon mixture of styles. This time, we have opted for a different approach with polygon rocks and the elevation line of the Col de la Croix de Fer…a “clin d’oeil” to our beloved Mont Royal hills and its landmark illuminated cross that dominates our city.

Any upcoming adventures for Croix de Fer? Every spring starts with new adventures for our gang. But for the past four years we await the Rasputitsa Gravel Race. We also host a very intimate gentleman’s gravel ride called the Red River Raudax in early May every season. The crew was just in eastern Ontario for a similar adventure called “The Ride of the Dammed.” The next big ride planned is Six Gaps Vermont, which is our annual favorite road challenge. Then some of us will participate in the Dirty Kansas, D2R2 and Grinduro. These are the events and rides that keep us going all summer until cyclocross season is finally here!