June finds us between Grand Tours; we’ve just come off an outstanding Giro, loaded with drama, intrigue and excitement. We’re a few weeks out until Le Tour, and maybe we’re experiencing Grand Tour withdrawals? We’ve got great racing with the Critérium du Dauphiné and the Tour de Suisse to tide us over. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, PELOTON is here with a different sort of fix. While our love for the sport gets us out of bed for those early morning sessions with our laptop screens, those lonely dark mornings while our families sleep in are made undeniably more enjoyable with great coffee.

For 2017 PELOTON brings you The Coffee Shop Ride; a bi-monthly, curated, craft-coffee subscription featuring some of America’s most diligent and dedicated micro-roasters.

Join us on the Coffee Shop Ride right here!

As part pf the PELOTON Coffee Club every other month, PELOTON’s Culture Editor, Clive Pursehouse will have sent your way; two full sized bags of craft coffee from selected roasters around the country. Peloton is aiming to work with roasters who are as obsessed and dedicated to coffee as you are to your bicycle. Except all these folks are pros.

The roasters the PELOTON Coffee Club will be working with are deadly serious about their beans. They’re also working with dedicated growers and making coffees with a sense of place. And some of them, are also huge supporters of their local cycling community. Like our first roastery which supports a cyclocross series in the mid-Atlantic. Ultimately though their selection for The Coffee Shop Ride comes down to an unwavering commitment to quality coffee.

“We went into coffee roasting because our founder learned about coffee in the reverse of how most coffee pros do. He learned coffee from seed to cup in Hawaii (the only state that grows coffee commercially). This deep appreciation for coffee at the farm level made it a natural progression into roasting from the start. We never really set out to create something people were missing. We just wanted our coffees to be better. We wanted to drink coffee that really knocked our socks off and even today, that’s how we approach it. If other people liked our coffee, that’s awesome, but first and foremost we just wanted to roast coffee we loved to drink.

“We aim to preserve the natural terroir within the coffee. That is to say the natural taste of the land on which the coffee is grown. We simply try to not mess up what is already a beautiful coffee.

What we’re looking for is different micro climates, natural shade for the coffee trees, high elevation which equals dense coffee beans. This typically results in a sweeter coffee. Rich volcanic soil is also a plus! We’re looking to see a wide variety of other flora & fauna on the farms. In the end though, I think what makes a place special is the person tending the farm. It’s not so much the piano, as it is the player. That is not to say that terroir does not play a MAJOR role in the aromatics and taste of a coffee but if the person managing that coffee does not take care to preserve the quality inherently within the coffee at every stage of the process from harvest to shipment to storage then the “terroir taste” will be lost.”

Sign up for PELOTON Magazine’s The Coffee Shop Ride, presented by Musette Cycling Culture, and your first coffees will ship in July. Your card will be billed $40 every two months.