Some of cycling’s most recognized brands have converged this week in Deer Valley, UT to present their latest and greatest. When Indianapolis icon Zipp shows up, you can bet there will be something to talk about and there was – more details on the 454 NSW Disc we saw at the Tour of California and the all new Zipp 302.



454NSW Disc
Earlier this season, the company released its newest carbon clincher, the 454 NSW. You’ve likely seen this deep 53/58mm wheel around with its unique sawtooth design. The idea behind this wheel was to improve upon the very aerodynamic nature of similar wheels like the 404 and 303 Firecrest. Equally as important, though, was to create a wheel with vastly superior handling in cross winds, a common issue with deep carbon. Extensive computer modeling, matched by real world testing, has proven it a success.

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Today, Zipp announced the launch of its disc version of the 454 NSW. This is no mere copy of the rim brake version. Removing the braking surface provided an opportunity to make further improvements. The impress printing technique that lasers on graphics without adding any weight can be printed all the way to the edges. This allows the company to offer more custom graphics to the athletes and teams it sponsors. The instantly recognizable HexFin ABLC need no longer stop at at brake track. The center lock hubs use Zipp’s magnetic Axial Clutch to reduce rotational drag, and they are laced with J-shaped spokes for easier maintenance.
The new 454 NSW disc wheels have an MSRP of $4000. Each wheel includes: skewer, valve extender, thru axle, wheel bag, rim tape, and tube.

The Zipp 302

Remember when you made that first upgrade from aluminum to carbon wheels? For a lot of us that meant either buying seasons’ old wheels from a buddy or finding down-market wheels at a price that did not bust the wallet. Typically, those wheels were made from a pre-existing mold and branded with the reseller’s name. If you have ever witnessed such a wheel explode from overheating on a fast descent, you will probably never forget the terror-inducing sound.

Zipp–with all its engineering and manufacturing might–believes it has found a better way. Enter the 302, Zipp’s first set of $1500 carbon wheels. This smooth-surface 45mm deep wheel is the lucky beneficiary of trickle-down Firecrest technology, using the same carbon and resin system. The rim is laced to Zipp’s new 76/176 hubs with J-curved Sapim Sprint spokes. The 302 is available as both rim and disc brake options, and each wheelset weighs 1645g and 1695g respectively. At this price point, reliable carbon wheels from one of the industry’s most trusted names just became much more readily available. Expect to see them show up en masse at the local group ride, crit, and gran fondo scenes.
Each 302 Rim-Brake Wheel Includes Zipp valve extenders,Zipp rim tape and Zipp Tangente quick-release skewers. Brake pads are not included. They are available now. MSRP is $1500. For more from Zipp head to