Zipp G40 XPLR

Zipp has long been a master of making you faster. And for a long time, on road, that just meant focusing on aerodynamics. But gravel riding brings a whole other set of factors to consider for speed, and first and foremost is simply being able to stay in control. That’s the focus of the Zipp G40 XPLR tire. Its chevron center-tread pattern rolls fast, while the tread becomes more aggressive toward the edges, culminating in XC-style knobs on the edges for maximum control. The casing also strikes a balance between stiffness and suppleness for speed and longevity. Plus, the bead-to-bead puncture protection keeps you rolling through the most gnarly courses. At 40mm wide, it comes in one of the most popular and versatile gravel tire sizes, making it ready for just about any course.