What We Dig: Ready For Fall Are you ready for fall?

It’s dark and it’s only five o’clock. That means a few things for the cyclist: one, it is, thankfully, lighter earlier. So, crisp fall morning rides. (Glass half full, people!) And two: never forget lights on the afternoon ride. Fall is one of the finest times of the year and, truly, one of the best times to ride a bike. Here are some essential items for the season.

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Filson Watch Cap Beanie – $45
Post-ride head coziness is perhaps not an essential, but it is an addicting indulgence. Filson provides a rugged 100% USA wool beanie that will handle some misuse, while always retaining warmth for your sweaty noggin. BUY HERE.


ASSOS Assosoires Winter Gloves – $89.00
These extremely Assos named gloves — Assosoires?! Winter?! — are actually fantastic shoulder season gloves, so don’t be fooled. They’re warm enough without being overly bulky, plus they offer wind and water resistant perks. And, naturally, they’re touchscreen compatible. Use TAKE20NOV for 20% off one item. BUY HERE.

Chris King Espresso Tamper – $94.95 $120.00 (21% OFF)
Nothing satisfies like a proper espresso on a cold morning. And when one is getting “in the mood” to ride, nothing titilates quite like some Chris King. So, those smart people put them on a tamper — and all espresso grounds blushed. Use TAKE20NOV for 20% off one item. BUY HERE.

Blackburn Dayblazer 1100 and Dayblazer 65 Light Combo – $114.95
Do not slack on your lights. I know. It seems excessive. $115 for lights?! But, when you can see the trail ahead and every car on the road is very alert to your whereabouts, you won’t be thinking about cost. These bruisers from Blackburn work fantastic, charge easily with USB and are built to last many seasons of darkness. Use TAKE20WINTER for 20% off one item. BUY HERE.

Arc’teryx Rico Jacket – Men’s – $249.00
As with the beanie, so with the down jacket. Comfort is king post-ride, and this stylish jacket from Acr’teryx offers tasteful tailoring and uncompromising warmth. Use TAKE20WINTER for 20% off one item. BUY HERE.

GORE WEAR – C7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Stretch Jacket – Men’s – $369.95
For most, this jacket and material need no introduction. Shakedry is the lightest, most breathable, best water-repelling jacket around. For those who hate water with a passion, this is your best friend. Use TAKE20NOV for 20% off one item. BUY HERE.

Alchemy Eros Ti – $6,499.00
Fall is not for training. Fall is for enjoying — and nothing is more enjoyable than the feeling of a beautiful Ti bike. The Eros is perfect in every way: ready for a quick stint of gravel, the long climb, the snappy descent. It is Alchemy’s original frame, and it is the bike of choice for those who celebrate the art of frame building as much as the art of fall riding. BUY HERE.