What we dig: Italian style From issue 94 • Words by Brad Roe

“D. H. Lawrence and Italy”
This Penguin edition combines writings from D. H. Lawrence into one volume. Included are “Twilight in Italy,” “Sea and Sardinia” and “Twilight in Italy.” We are particularly fond of his writings on the Lake Garda region, home to the Garda Bike Hotel and one of our favorite regions. Paul Maunder writes about the area in his “Italian lakes” story in this issue. And, truth be told, there is someone on our staff who has promised to finish his second novel by the end of 2021, set in Sardinia, which was inspired by Lawrence’s “Sea and Sardinia.” Powells.com

Boggi Milano
As discussed previously in Peloton, Italian men and women seem to get more beautiful as they age. This is accentuated (on the male side) by almost perfect blue suits. In order to be more Italian, we strongly suggest you begin to age better and, as part of the process, pick up an Italian blue suit from Boggi Milano. We may have visited this shop more than 15 times over the years and plan to visit them even more. It’s a yearly pilgrimage in honor of aging correctly. boggi.com

“Hemingway in Italy”
Authored by Richard Owen, this is another great book to add to your library. Here is its description: “Hemingway returned to Italy again and again, and the places he visited or used as inspiration for his work are many. At the same time, the inspiration goes both ways: Owen describes how the fifteenth century villa Cà Erizzo Luca at Bassano del Grappa, where the American Red Cross ambulances were stationed, is now a museum devoted to the writer and World War I. Showing how the Italian landscape, from the Venetian lagoon to the Dolomites and beyond, deeply affected one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century.” powells.com

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio
So, it’s a bit over-indulgent, but who cares. If you are going to get an Alfa Romeo, you may as well consider the Stelvio Quadrifoglio. We’ve driven and reviewed the base model, and just a taste of Italian ingenuity and speed and beauty left us dreaming for the higher-end version of this SUV. Some stats: 505 horsepower, 176 mph top speed, 0–60 in 3.6 seconds. alfaromeousa.com

In the Lazio region of Italy, which includes Rome, porchetta is a dish served at festivals and celebrations. During the summer in Sabina, it’s served at most weekend festivals in the many medieval hill towns that decorate this beautiful region. Porchetta is a slow-roasted (eight hours at least) pork dish infused with rosemary, garlic and pepper, fennel and salt. We strongly suggest a porchetta sandwich at least once a week to improve overall well-being. There is a great recipe of the Umbrian version at greatitalianchefs.com

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