Wahoo Goes Big on Navigation With the ELEMNT ROAM

For many, cycling is all about exploring new areas. But there are a lot of trails and roads out there, and the further you venture into the unknown, the more important a reliable GPS becomes. With the ELEMNT ROAM, Wahoo wants to help you spend more time riding and less time trying to figure out where you are or where to go next.

  • Generous battery life of 17+ hour for the longest adventures or multi-day trips.
  • The 2.7” screen is the first color screen in a Wahoo GPS.
  • Navigation is central to this new GPS with features like re-routing and return to the route start

The ROAM is based around a sizeable, 2.7” screen made from durable Gorilla Glass. It’s the first color screen ever in a Wahoo GPS. But Wahoo didn’t include color just because it could; rather, there’s intent behind when and why it is incorporated. Color is used sparingly so that, especially on navigation screens, what is shown in color catches your eye at a quick glance.

Wahoo has gone big with the ROAM’s navigation features. One of the simplest yet incredibly useful features is “Get Me Started” which directs you to the start of a route with turn-by-turn directions. Once on the route, if you miss a turn, the ROAM will also direct you back on track. And if you really get lost, the ROAM can either flip your ride around 180 degrees back to the start or take you back to the start as quickly as possible.

Wahoo’s cycling computers have always been great standalone products, but one of their biggest advantages is their compatibility with the Wahoo Fitness Ecosystem which includes smart trainers as well as heart rate and cadence sensors. These extras are by no means necessary to use the ROAM, but if you ever want to add on any of these features later, Wahoo makes it easy.

And speaking of easy, the Wahoo companion app makes set up a stress free process so that you can spend more time riding and less time fiddling with new equipment.

If you’re into epic, all-day rides, or bikepacking, then you’ll appreciate the claimed 17+ hour battery life—especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere and you need to know how to get back home. The ROAM also comes with an integrated mount for a sleek, aero look.

Keep an eye out for a full review from Peloton soon.

$380; wahoofitness.com