Wahoo Expands GPS Line with the ELEMNT RIVAL Watch

We’re big fans of Wahoo cycling computers. Now Wahoo is bringing the tech behind those devices to multi-sport athletes with the ELEMNT RIVAL Watch, a $379 GPS smartwatch.


While we’re mainly focused on cycling here, for many cyclists who like to cross train with running, swimming or other endurance activities, a GPS watch can be the perfect solution. It allows you to have one device to track everything you do, as opposed to a dedicated cycling computer which can be cumbersome for anything off the bike.

One of the core features that sets the RIVAL apart from other GPS watches is its proprietary Touchless Transition technology, which senses when you change disciplines in a triathlon, from swim to ride to run, and transitions the data screens automatically—no need to waste precious seconds fiddling with your watch. Taking things one step further, if you already have a Wahoo cycling GPS, RIVAL’s Multisport Handover mode can transition race data from the watch to a handlebar-mounted computer, making data even easier to access on the bike.

Wahoo cycling computer users will find the RIVAL’s controls familiar, with buttons that allow you to zoom in and out of data fields, up to six, to get exactly the info you want and nothing extra. Other notable features include a barometric altimeter, an optical heart rate sensor and live tracking when training with a smartphone.

But innovative features and ease of use do only so much for a product if people don’t want to wear it. “A key design concern was making a watch with looks to match its performance,” said Chip Hawkins, founder of Wahoo. And we have to say, the RIVAL certainly looks nice with its ceramic bezel and 64-color display with a durable Gorilla Glass lens. This watch could easily be used for everyday wear.

The battery life certainly makes the case for everyday wear as well. When used exclusively as a watch, it lasts 14 days. As a GPS, it lasts an impressive 24 hours, beating all ELEMNT bike computers handily.

As part of the Wahoo ecosystem, the RIVAL uses the Wahoo mobile app for setup and to review data after workouts. Data can also be sent to third party apps like Strava for analysis. Additionally, the watch can connect to ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors, and can even be used to control Wahoo KICKR trainers, making it fully featured for whatever the day’s workout brings. Whether you’re a triathlete or mainly a cyclist who wants a more versatile computer, the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL watch could be the perfect solution.

$379; 2 colors; wahoofitness.com