At less than 320grams you’d be forgiven for assuming the SuperLogic EvoCurve and C260 Stem combo are just for climbers. While they make climbers very happy they also makes some of the most powerful sprinters on the planet happy.

Ben Edwards

The C260 wraps around the bar, not surprisingly, for 260 degrees, taking pressure off bolts and transferring it to the massive carbon boom. It’s so stiff and light it’s hard to believe the C260 is the first full carbon stem Ritchey has ever made. The patented C260 design and it’s reduced pressure on hardware allows Ritchey to use svelte T-20 faceplate bolts to further reduce weight. Even with the 260 degrees of clamp bars can still be mounted without removing brake levers and threading the entire bar through the interface like days of old. Simply slide the bar to the left or right away from the flared 31.8mm contact points and the bars slip out easily. It’s a design that Tom Ritchey says grabs the bar in an ‘efficient and delicate’ way, which reduces stress on light carbon bars yet provides an increase in torsional stiffness.


The EVOCurve bars have a slight 4degree outward sweep at the tops and short and shallow double radius drop that keeps wrists happy. This cockpit comes with a single caveat, if your bike has a less than stiff, race-ready head tube and fork the SuperLogic EvoCurve and C260 Stem combo are going to reveal it quickly when you really yank on the bars. You can rest assured, any flex or play you feel is not coming from the Ritchey cockpit. As stiff as it is, the cockpit still dampens high frequency buzz nicely which combines with the SuperLogic EvoCurve bar’s shape to reduce numbness or tingling even riding without gloves.


Together these two products make up the ultimate cockpit, whether you are attacking in the Alps, battering across cobblestones, or trading elbows in a bunch sprint. You can make a different choice for your cockpit, but you cannot make a better choice than the Ritchey SuperLogic EvoCurve and C260 stem.

Stem – $270/125grams (110mm): 80-130mm, 84/6 degree ($280 Hi-Vis)
Bars _ $320/195grams (42cm): Available in 38/40/42/44cm

Check out what Tom himself has to say about the new stem design.