Two for Tuesday: Wahoo & Küat


wahoo kickr

If you seek an uncompromising indoor training setup, the Wahoo KICKR and its robust steel design is a good place to start. By using a specially engineered 16-pound flywheel, the KICKR better simulates the inertia and feeling of riding outdoors than other smart trainers. Highly accurate at approximately 2 percent powermeasurement accuracy, which measures up to a massive 2,200 watts, it ensures your valuable training time spent inside is time well spent. Plus, it’s nearly 100-percent ready to go right out of the box, with an included 11-speed cassette. And when you want to step your indoor training up a level, Wahoo’s KICKR ecosystem lets you expand your setup with hardware like the CLIMB that raises the front wheel to simulate climbing. With compatibility of wheel sizes from 24 inches to 29 inches, and both quick-release and through-axles, just about any bike is welcome to the party. $1,200;


kuat sherpa 2.0.

It’s not Küat’s top-end rack, but the Sherpa 2.0 does everything we’ve asked of it and it looks good doing it. Smart design is prevalent everywhere in this low-profile hitch rack. One of our favorite features is the foot-assisted pivot system, which lets you drop the rack into place while your hands are occupied. And folding wheelcradles contribute to a clean aesthetic. Perhaps the best part about this lightweight, 32-pound aluminum rack is installation. Just slide it into your hitch, lock it to the hitch and crank the knob until it’s hand tight—no tools necessary. With capacity for two bikes of up to 40 pounds each, wheelbases up to 47 inches and wheels as wide as 3 inches, it’s ready for just about any adventure. Available in gray/orange anodize, black metallic/ gray anodize and pearl metallic/silver anodize as well as 2-inch and 1.25-inch hitch sizes. $498; 32lbs;

From issue 92