Two for Tuesday: Training Tech Training Tech from Wahoo & Saris


wahoo elemnt bolt

A GPS should help you train more efficiently, not be an aero liability that holds you back. Luckily, Wahoo created the ELEMNT BOLT with a simple-to-use interface and an aerodynamically optimized computer and mount. Setup is a breeze thanks to Wahoo’s app. The data screens are easily programmable and sensors pair quickly. Once on the bike, it’s simple to toggle through data screens on the fly and add or subtract how many you can see. And the display makes everything easy to see in even the harshest direct sunlight. Programmable LEDs also give you important metrics like speed, power and heart rate so you can gauge your effort at a glance. The 15-hour battery life is also a big plus, holding a charge through the week for many athletes. $250; 62g;


saris h3 direct drive smart trainer

Saris’ H3 direct-drive trainer gives super accurate power data within 2 percent, as well as speed and cadence information, all without needing external sensors. Handling 2,000 watts and replicating 20-percent gradients, this Made in USA item is more than ready to handle any workout. But one of the best parts of the trainer is the noise—or rather the lack of it. Spinning at 20 mph, the trainer produces only 59 decibels (about the hum of a fridge or AC unit, and five times quieter than previous Saris trainers). You’ll sooner hear your freehub while coasting than the whir of this trainer. Train without worry of disturbing other occupants of your house with a jet turbine of noise roaring out of your basement. $1,000;

From issue 90.
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