Two for Tuesday: Sportful and Bell


Constantly changing winds, storm clouds that roll in from nowhere and 10-degree temperature swings—be ready for whatever spring has in store with the Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain jersey. This short-sleeve top is your go-to garment when you don’t know what Mother Nature will throw your way. It’s both wind- and waterresistant for light storm fronts and has enough insulation for the cool spring months when temperatures hover between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. When the sun finally comes out or the effort ramps up, breathable No Rain fabric sheds excess heat and moisture to help regulate body temperature. And its three-pocket design makes it every bit as functional as a traditional jersey. When you don’t know what to expect, the Fiandre Light NoRain has you covered. $150; 161g;


Now there’s no excuse not to be riding with the enhanced safety of MIPS thanks to the Bell Formula that brings the helmet safety technology to a whole new price point. MIPS technology, which allows a helmet to move independently of the head during an angled impact to reduce injury, is the industry standard for helmet safety. But for too long it was reserved for the highest-end helmets. Luckily, this is changing for the better. Now, for less than $100, anyone can have this added protection on every ride. The Formula doesn’t look cheap though. Its silhouette looks the part of a much more expensive lid, and details like padding that channel sweat away from the face and quick-adjust, non-twist helmet strap fasteners make this 19-vent helmet punch way above its price point. $85; 285g (size M);

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