Two for Tuesday: Selle San Marco & Mavic From Issue 90


selle san marco shortfit supercomfort

Selle San Marco has a storied history making the oft-overlooked, yet oh-so-important saddle. The company was the first to realize that pro athletes want more than an endorsement check; they want a personalized saddle that will help them perform better. Merckx, Hinault, Pantani and countless pros have trusted the company and helped develop a series of classic designs. One of the latest, originally designed for triathlon, is the Shortfit design. It has increasingly become popular among big engines in the peloton who like to sit forward on the saddle and drive for hours. A combination of Biofoam and gel finishes off the saddle and forms Selle San Marco’s aptly named Supercomfort technology. Where the Shortfit Supercomfort really shines is in the number of comfortable positions. If you are driving on the nose of the saddle, leveraging on the rear or just spinning along in the saddle’s sweet spot, comfort is never an issue. 159 euros (approx. $175); 210g;


mavic cosmic sl ultimate

When Mavic went to design a shoe for climbing, the French company realized that climbing puts some of the most stress on your feet of any type of cycling. So any shoes for extended days in the mountains need to be lightweight and stiff, yet comfortable. Mavic’s answer: The Cosmic SL Ultimate. A Full Carbon Energy SLR outsole shaves 10 grams over previous Mavic shoes, helping bring the weight down to a feathery 400 grams per pair (size 9). Climbs can be exposed and hot, so Mavic added seamless mesh panels to keep your feet cool. And an Ergo Surround upper works with the outsole to ensure every watt goes into the pedals, while providing a snug, even fit. Wrapping together the package is a single Boa dial, providing a precise fit and further shaving weight. $358; 400g/pair (size 9);

From issue 90.
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