Two for Tuesday: Orange Seal & Pirelli Two bits for gravel tubeless


Once winter rolls around, you can camp inside on the trainer for only so long. At some point you’ll want to head outdoors, but first make sure your tubeless sealant still works! For those who live in very cold environments, Orange Seal has developed a special Subzero formula designed to keep working through the coldest days, down to minus-20 Fahrenheit. It fills punctures up to one-eighthinch and slices up to a quarter-inch. There’s a tradeoff in sealing capability compared to the regular sealant, but with a lifespan of up to 180 days, the Subzero sealant should keep you rolling trouble-free all winter long. $22 (16oz);


pirelli cinturato gravel mixed terrain

For off-road days with a variety of terrain, turn to Pirelli’s Cinturato Gravel Mixed Terrain tires. Featuring tight tread spacing in the center, these tires are able to maintain some of the fast rolling of a slick tire on hard terrain and flats. But through muddy or loose conditions, the rest of the tread profile has been designed to limit deformation and shed excess grime. Combined with Pirelli’s special SPEEDGRIP compound, these tires strike a nice balance between rolling resistance and grip. Available in 35c, 40c and 45c, as well as in 45×650b and 50×650b, there’s a version optimal for any riding style. Come rain or shine, hardpack or loose gravel, this is Pirelli’s answer for cyclists who demand a tire that is prepared for anything. $60; 500g (40c);

From issue 91.

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