Two for Tuesday: IRC and Koo

IRC Marabella 28. So you’ve heard all the hype about gravel riding and you’re thinking maybe you should give that a try, but you can’t shell out for another bike right now. Thanks to the IRC Marabella, if you want to dip your feet into gravel or ride the local fire roads, all you need is a road bike. IRC’s 28mm tire provides an aggressive tread but will still fit the tight clearance of many road bikes. Its flat-top diamond tread rolls fast on tarmac and grips in dirt, while the side-knob tread stays out of the way on the road and maximizes grip through dirt corners. X-Guard puncture protection safeguards your sidewall from sharp rocks and an inner air seal prevents leakage. And because the Marabella is tubeless, run it at lower pressure for max comfort and leave worries of pinch flats behind. $80; 330g;

Koo Open sunglasses. There are more great sunglass choices today than ever. The only problem is that most companies subscribe to a one-size-fits-all model. And that one size doesn’t quite fit all. From the same people making Kask’s popular helmets, Koo sunglasses are highly adjustable performance eyewear. Several innovative details allow for a perfect fit. The arms adjust vertically, while the soft, rubber nose bridge, which comes in two sizes, can be set in two different positions. Plus, this polycarbonate Italian frame comes in two sizes to further dial in the fit. And because sunglasses are all about seeing the road unimpeded, Koo uses interchangeable Zeiss lenses featuring its Airflow Active System, which allows the lens to be tilted in three different angles. So, no matter the weather, you’ll have fog-free lenses. The glasses are available in 12 colors, so get one to match your favorite kit! $239; 30g;

From issue 88. Buy it here.