Two for Tuesday: DT Swiss & Stages From Issue 91


dt swiss grc 1400 spline 42

Gravel wheels are having a moment right now. With most powerhouses in the bike-wheel game getting behind gravel, we’re enjoying a wellspring of excellent, purpose-built wheelsets. DT Swiss is right there in the mix with an entire line of gravel wheels, but it’s the GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 that has really caught our eye. Built for the gravel racer, this 42mm-deep wheel focuses on maximizing aerodynamic performance. With a 24 mm internal rim width, it provides ample support to high-volume tires for optimal rolling resistance and improved cornering. The company’s own testing shows 35mm slick or low-profile tread tires paired with this wheel to be the optimal tradeoff between aerodynamics and grip. But don’t be afraid to push the limit with your fancy new wheels. With features like durable DT aero comp spokes, they’re designed to take a beating and handle 130 kilograms (286 pounds) of system weight. $2,436; 1,611g;


stages dash

A power meter is the single most—pardon us—powerful tool a cyclist has for training. More people than ever are riding with one, but its raw numbers are useless without being able to decode what they mean. The Stages Dash M50 features color-coded heart rate and power zones for seeing real-time effort at a glance. The Dash can determine your FTP (“functional threshold power”) based on recent training history—or you can manually enter your settings for maximum control. And for structured training the M50 comes preloaded with dozens of workouts, so you can put your power numbers to better use from the first ride. Plus, all data screens are fully customizable, both on the Dash itself or through the Stages app—you can even change from portrait to landscape mode. With bike-specific navigation and more than 12 hours of battery life, this is a full-featured GPS for any type of riding. $250; 94g;

From issue 91