Two for Today: Zipp & Schwalbe Gravel Tires


zipp tangente course g40

When designing its new gravel tire Zipp thought all about control, because control equals speed when riding offroad. Measuring 40mm, which has emerged as the sweet-spot, do-everything tire size for gravel riding, the Zipp Tangente Course G40 features a chevron center-tread pattern for quick rolling. But this tire is made for versatile riding too, with an inverted-soccer-cleat design in the tread as you move away from the center and knobs on the edges for traction in looser surfaces. And because this tire is meant for rough conditions, it features bead-to-bead puncture protection and a casing that walks the line between supple and durable. It only comes in a tan sidewall, but would you really want anything else? 

$65 each;


schwalbe g one ultrabite

Serious terrain calls for serious tires. When you absolutely need to dig in through corners and go all out over off-road terrain, reach for the Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite. Formulated with strong tread blocks on the outside of the tire, the G-One Bite is Schwalbe’s most aggressive gravel model to date, letting you confidently carry speed through loose and rough terrain. The aggressive tread continues in the center of the tire providing full grip and traction throughout. Schwalbe gives the tires its new SuperGround casing for an optimal balance of weight, ride feel and low rolling resistance along with puncture protection, thanks to SnakeSkin fabric running from bead to bead. Available in 40mm and 50mm versions. 

$80 each;

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