Two for Today: Zipp & ENVE

ZIPP 303 S

zipp 303 s

We’re living in great times for wheels right now. With the new Zipp 303 S, you can get a pair of 45mm-deep Zipp carbon for just $1,300. This tubeless disc-brake wheelset is designed to match the versatility that today’s riders demand. Its new rim shape measures in at a wide 23mm internally, making it optimized for 28mm tires—and letting it run wider gravel tires as well. And because this is Zipp, the wheels are quick, saving a claimed 10 watts at 40 kph versus one of its top peers. 

$1,300; 1,540g;


enve 45

The ENVE 45 is one of two new, more-affordable wheelsets in the Utah-based brand’s Foundation Road Collection. These 45mm-deep wheels benefit from over a decade’s worth of aerodynamic testing, so despite their $1,600 price point, they have a rim shape that ENVE says is faster than more expensive wheels from competitors. Plus, they also benefit from ENVE innovations like a wide hookless rim bead and molded spoke and valve-stem holes for added strength. ENVE pairs the rims to new Foundation Road Hubs and completes the package with lifetime incident protection and a five-year warranty. 

$1,600; 1,541g;

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