Two for Today: Vision & SRAM


vision metron 6d integrated

Trusted by multiple UCI WorldTour teams, the Vision Metron 6D Integrated bar/stem combo delivers both high stiffness and aerodynamics in one beautiful package. This cockpit utilizes a continuous carbon construction for sprinter-level strength, but also has aerodynamic/ergonomic shaping on the tops that perfectly complements any aero bike. Weights vary depending on size, but a 110mm × 420mm falls in the middle of the range at 415 grams. 

Available in 130×420, 130×440, 120×420, 110×420, 100×420, 100×400 and 90×400. $733; various sizes;


sram etap multiclics

With SRAM’s updated eTap MultiClics, you can customize your shifting like never before. These remote shifter points have an improved feel with a more audible click and precise feedback; there’s no second-guessing whether you hit the shifter or not. Add these additional shifters to the handlebar flats for climbing, or to the drops for sprinting. MultiClics are compatible with the entire range of SRAM AXS components, so you can add extra shifting points to your AXS mountain bike too. 


From issue 95, get your copy here.