Two for Today: Santini & Riivo From Issue 94


When you need every aero advantage you can get, it’s time to think about a skinsuit—but not just any skinsuit. The Santini REDUX Fortuna is a road-specific skinsuit meant specifically for the demands of long road races, not just short time trials. The REDUX name comes from the goals for this skinsuit: to reduce weight and aero drag. Aero details abound, from thermo-sealed seams down to laser-cut, concealed jersey pockets that sit closer to the back to streamline airflow. $360;


Shoes are quite possibly the most personal piece of cycling equipment out there. If you’ve tried and tried without success to find your glass slipper, then maybe it’s time to turn to custom footwear from Riivo. Handmade to order in the U.S., the ProTek is Riivo’s flagship road shoe that is available in any length or width. The final result will cost you, but the people making your shoes bring more than two decades of experience, so you’ll end up with the perfect pair of shoes. Approx. 210g–260g (size 43); from $1,110;

From issue 94, get your copy here.