Two for Today: Salsa & Scott


salsa stormchaser

In a world of bikes vying to be quiver killers, the Salsa Stormchaser has an unapologetically narrow focus. Inspired by the peanut-butterthick mud at Land Run 100 a few years back, which saw many racers having to hack their bikes into single speeds mid-race, the Stormchaser is a single-speed gravel bike meant for absolute mud-fests. This aluminum bike offers massive 650×50 or 700×42 clearance, with plenty of room to persevere through mud buildup. Abrasion-resistant plates on the carbon fork provide further insurance against muck.

$1,499; 21.6 lbs/9.8kg (size 54.5cm);


scott foil 20

The Foil 20 is the entry point into SCOTT’s aero bike category. But the great part about aerodynamic tube shapes is that they’re all the same to the wind, whether they belong to the top-of-the-line or entry-level model. For $3,500, the Foil 20 delivers a proven mechanical Ultegra group on an aerodynamically shaped HMF carbon frame. It’s a race-ready machine at just a fraction of the cost of SCOTT’s top-level bikes.