Two for Today: Pinarello & Wilier From Issue 94


If there’s such thing as a thoroughbred race bike, it’s the Pinarello Dogma F12. It descends directly from a lineage of Tour de France winners, and it has already been ridden to a Tour win itself. This latest version saves 8 watts over its predecessor, the F10, and is 10-percent stiffer as well. Even the cockpit has been overhauled to save watts and shave weight. The privilege of riding this bike will cost you, but its winning pedigree shines through. $13,500; 17.5 lbs/7.95kg (size 58);


Wilier’s Jena Hybrid takes the performance endurance geometry of the original Jena gravel bike and adds a rear-hub-based 40 Nm Ebikemotion motor. Using a rear hub motor allows the Jena Hybrid to maintain the look of a traditional bike. A 250Wh battery concealed in the downtube powers everything, while an iWoc button at the handlebars lets you quickly and easily toggle through all of the assist modes. You’ll be set for miles of adventuring on new trails. $5,900;

From issue 94, get your copy here.