Two for Today: Orange Seal & Tubolito


orange seal sealant

A lot of products pass through the Peloton Service Course, but one that we return to time and again is Orange Seal sealant. Simply put, it gets the job done. The regular version is Orange Seal’s most effective sealant, patching holes up to a quarter inch and slices up to three-quarters of an inch. When we want maximum puncture protection for the biggest rides and gnarliest, sharpest gravel terrain, this is always a go-to sealant. It’s available in four sizes, from 4 ounces if you want to give it a try and see how well it works for you, to 32 ounces if you want to always have extra on hand. 

$20 (16oz);


tubolito tubo cx gravel

In the grand scheme of bike tech, an inner tube understandably ranks rather low on the excitement spectrum for most. But as it turns out, there was a lot of room for improvement for this humble component. The Tubolito Tubo is twice as strong as a standard tube, which means fewer punctures, and is two-thirds lighter than a standard tube while packing down to half the size. At $35, the Tubo is much pricier than normal tubes, but you’re hard pressed to find a cheaper way to shave grams on your bike (2.8 grams per dollar by our math). Run two tubes for a lighter bike. Or if you ride tubeless, pack one as a small, lightweight backup that you can always depend on. 

$35 each; 55g; 42mm or 60mm valve; available in road, gravel and MTB sizes;

From issue 98, get your copy here