Two for Today: Fulcrum & Silca From Issue 94


When Fulcrum went to design the Speed 55 DB, all of its efforts went toward searching out the best aerodynamic performance. Measuring out 55mm deep, this tubeless wheelset features 19mm internal rims to increase the aerodynamics of the tire/wheel interface. Fulcrum adds additional strength to keep up with the demands of racers by using an undrilled rim bed. And to make this the best possible wheelset, Fulcrum includes ceramic bearings to keep you rolling along smoothly mile after mile. $2,498; 1,580g;


silca viaggio travel pump

Being on the road removes you from the creature comforts of your home workshop and tools. The Silca Viaggio Travel Pump gets rid of at least one of those inconveniences by allowing you to have a shopquality pump wherever you go. With a foldable base and a removable handle, this pump folds up to fit into a bike bag. A Bluetooth pressure sensor connects to your phone and provides readings accurate to 1 percent. Silca tops off the package with its excellent Hiro locking chuck. $275; 2.95 pounds;

From issue 94, get your copy here.