Two for Today: 3T & Cinelli From Issue 94


3t strada pro

The 3T Strada PRO tackles one of the last big aerodynamic inefficiencies on an aero bike: the front derailleur. By opting for a 1x drivetrain, the Strada both saves 400 grams, making for a more capable and well-rounded bike, and removes frontal area, allowing for unobstructed airflow. Plus, it’s one of the most comfortable bikes out there, because it has been optimized aerodynamically for high volume 28mm–30mm tires. So, go ahead and run those cushy tires without aero penalties! $3,199;


cinelli superstar disc

The Cinelli Superstar disc features a proprietary bowed top tube, a striking detail at the center of this carbon Italian race bike’s ride quality. This shape allows the frame to experience controlled deformation where the head tube and top tube meet, resulting in a more comfortable ride over potholes and increased control through rough conditions. Cinelli finishes off this beautifully painted frame, which features traditional Italian racing geometry with a reliable Ultegra group and Vision Team 30 wheels. $4,000; 18.26 lbs/8.3kg (medium);

From issue 94, get your copy here.