Three Cool Bits [ Tre Fantastici “Bits” Italiani ]

Imbrogliare Il Vento
When you’re the most storied manufacturer in cycling history and you launch two new 12-speed groups (turn to page XX for details), it’s pretty easy for your other new products to get overlooked. That shouldn’t be the case with Campagnolo’s new Bora 60 WTO wheels. WTO means “wind tunnel optimized,” which really should go without saying for any deep carbon wheels these days; but Campy says it. Based on the biggest aero study in Campagnolo’s history the 60mm rims are the fastest the Italians have ever made. With a 19mm internal width, they offer their best performance with cushy 25mm and 28mm tires, which means real-world speed and a fat contact patch for great handling. Those dimensions don’t break new ground but catch Campy up to others in the aero rim world. Of course, those rims spin on Campy USB bearings, which are twice as efficient as standard bearings. Spin the wheel to 500 rpm and it takes 10 minutes to stop. Aero speed, USB efficiency and tubeless performance with Campy’s legendary carbon-clincher reliability has us saying: “Molto Bene!” 1,540g (rim); $TBD;

Il Design Contemporaneo Incontra La Grande Qualità
Giordana’s FR-C kits have set the standard for a premium, race-inspired, money-is-no-object kit. The latest iteration, the FR-C Pro, hits the accelerator on fabric tech and body-hugging patterns, making the kit faster and even more comfortable. The Asteria 3.0 fabric used for much of the jersey is light, breathable, stretchy and aero, yet manages to feel soft against the skin. It blocks UV rays and the paneling limits flapping and stabilizes loaded pockets, while remaining comfortable for hours in an aggressive riding position. The FR-C bibs represent perhaps the biggest change in the FR-C’s 10-year history, and they do a better job of providing comfort with compression than other any bibs in the peloton—and those bib straps! Perfection. So how to make FR-C Pro even better? How about new Moda designs? The Moda designs standout without being outlandish. They will look great now, next year and for years beyond with subtle, but striking, colors and patterns. When we saw the emerald-green and smoky-gray of the Architettura FR-C Moda kit we exclaimed: “Madonna!” $200 (jersey), $230 (bibshort);

Doppi Gusci per Due Volte il
Comfort Featuring what may be the most gorgeous carbon work we’ve ever seen in any cycling product, the Astute Moon Racing VT Saddle uses a dual-carbon-shell construction that beautifully integrates with the saddle’s carbon rails. That dual shell is designed to insulate your backside from high-frequency vibration, and small pads between the rails and the two shells further reduce vibration. Progressive-memory foam across the saddle is firmer at the rear to support sit bones when the tempo is lower. Astute has a simple online selector to determine the right saddle for you. Start with your preferred discipline—then choose flat or rounded, narrow or wide, cutout or no cutout, carbon rails or Ti rail—and you’ll be guided to the right saddle for you. We ended up on the Astute Moon Racing VT, a rounded-top saddle that’s 135mm wide and 275mm long with a cutout, a very slight swale and a slightly dipped nose. What is truly impressive is that this full-featured, very comfortable saddle hit just 171 grams on our scale. “Porca vacca!” 171g; $400;

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