WIND AND RAIN PROTECTION GETS COMFY. Just when we were getting our heads around the latest GORE-TEX Active material—crazy-comfy, crazy-waterproof, crazy-breathable, what?!?!—GORE drops a new jacket on us. It’s based around the same GORE-TEX Active material that just shakes dry for incredible protection in the rain and wind, but adds a new GORETEX material with significant stretch to provide the most comfortable rain jacket we’ve ever worn. The stretch panels run down the sides of the back, and are on the waist and cuffs. As comfy and tailored as they make the jacket, it’s when it’s time to take it off that you’ll really notice the new panels. In the saddle, the jacket comes off so quickly, with no wrestling or yanking necessary, making it faster and safer to take off while moving. Give it a quick shake, bundle it up, and it stows, neatly and dryly in your back pocket. The new panels are a bit bulkier than the original Shakedry jackets, which stow easily in an absurdly small pouch, but it still fits nicely in a standard jersey pocket. $370 (Shakedry Stretch jacket);

CYCLING’S TECH COMPANY DELIVERS UNDER PRESSURE.We think of Quarq as a power-meter company, but it’s actually more accurate to think of it as a cycling-technology company. Sure, the power meter is where Quarq started, and its most popular product, but it also makes the Qollector tracking device, the ShockWiz suspension-tuning device and, now, the TyreWiz. It’s well established that a few pounds-per-square-inch in tire pressure make a huge difference in ride quality. The TyreWiz is a small valve-mounted device that senses tire pressure, accurate to about 2 percent, then sends the data to a smart phone or a compatible cycling computer via Bluetooth, ANT+ or NFC. But it’s not just for pre-ride. At only 10 grams, the TyreWiz can feed real-time pressure data to your Wahoo or Garmin while you ride. Next time you bottom-out your tire over a cattle grate you won’t have to wonder if you’re losing pressure. TyreWiz can tell you. It’s waterproof and dustproof to handle a demanding environment, works on clinchers, tubulars and tubeless, even with sealant, and provides 300 hours of run time from a small CR1632 battery. $200 (for two sensors w/batteries and valve tool); 10g;

ENDLESS, ALL-AROUND INNOVATION. The entire concept of an all-around wheel, one that can climb, survive the cobbles or ‘cross course, handle gravel and do it all providing a significant aero advantage was created by the original Zipp 303. Zipp has continued to develop the 303 ever since, resulting in its latest iteration, the tubeless-ready 303 with NSW aero magic added in a disc-brake version. It’s the same 45mm depth we’ve come to love, but with a new internal width of 21mm, making it fastest with a tasty 28mm tire. Best of all, its rim mates perfectly with a Zipp Tangente 28mm tubeless tire for a lever-free installation that sets the standard for ease of tubeless set-up. But there’s so much more. Zipp’s dimples come in the new ABLC Sawtooth pattern and extend to the rim edge to smooth out handling in crosswinds, while the Cognition hub-set uses magnets to disengage ratchets while coasting, resulting in half the resistance of a traditional free hub. The wheels are faster when you pedal and faster when you don’t. Win-win. $3,200 (Carbon Clincher disc); 1,530g;