The Wahoo KICKR Gets Even More Accurate The direct drive trainer now features +/- 1% accuracy and side-to-side movement

Already a highly regarded trainer, the Wahoo KICKR looks to be getting even better in its fifth generation, announced today. The first major update to the direct drive trainer is improved power accuracy, from an already highly accurate +/- 2 percent to +/- 1 percent. The jump in accuracy comes courtesy of a new auto-calibration process, which also saves time by removing the need for the occasional spindown calibration test.


Images courtesy of Wahoo

The second major upgrade to the KICKR is to ride feel. New dynamic AXIS feet replace the static feet of the previous KICKR, allowing the trainer to tilt side to side up to 5 degrees. There are actually three different sets of rubber feet included with each trainer—stiff, medium and easy—which offer different levels of resistance. A smaller rider would opt for the easy level to get the most realistic ride feel, while a bigger rider would choose one of the two other options which have a bit more resistance. Otherwise, Wahoo says the KICKR stays about the same, with a similar look and quiet operation, as well as the ability to tap into Wahoo’s training ecosystem including the KICKR CLIMB, which raises the front wheel to simulate climbing, and KICKR HEADWIND fan.

The improved power accuracy is a nice upgrade, but it might not be something that would compel someone to upgrade their current KICKR, especially because it maintains a $1,200 price tag. But the AXIS feet are another story—and don’t require a full upgrade. Wahoo is selling an AXIS upgrade kit separately for $80, which is compatible with every previous generation KICKR. The new KICKR and the AXIS upgrade kit are available now.

The new AXIS feet, which come in three sizes depending on rider weight, provide 5 degrees of side to side movement and are available as an upgrade to the last KICKR.

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