Dec 29, 2015 – It’s not often that a product leaves us scratching our collective heads, thinking, “How’d they do that?”


But the new 360fly camera did just that. A black orb conceals what is the next generation POV camera. It shoots in a full 360 degrees around a 240-degree horizon, meaning it simultaneously captures everything that is happening in front, behind, above and beside you in one shot, no stitching of images needed.

Interacting with the footage is a real mindbender. Bad angle on your bars or helmet? No worries, 360fly captures it all, just adjust the shot after. Buddy crashed behind you? Just swipe the image and watch it spin to the rear view to see the wreckage, then spin it back to a traditional POV shot.

You really have to see it to believe it.

$400; 138 grams;