The New Kuat Transfer v2 Updates the Brand’s Most Popular Hitch Rack Featuring wider compatibility, a stronger build quality and expandability

Kuat’s entry level Transfer hitch rack has been a go-to for cyclists looking for a high value, high quality way to transport bikes. The new Transfer v2 builds upon the first version in multiple ways to make it an even better value.


Good news for those with a large quiver of bikes: the Transfer v2 can support even more bike sizes. The larger wheelbase now supports bikes up to 50 inches in length, up from 47 inches. Bikes with smaller wheel sizes are supported as well, as low as 18 inches and up to 29 inches. Fat bike owners can rejoice, too; the wheel trays support tire widths up to five inches with an accessory strap, and there is better hook clearance for wide tires.

While the first version, as with all racks from Kuat, had a solid build quality, version two of the Transfer gets even better. The steel rack now has a more robust Flatlock hitch cam design for enhanced stability. And the smaller parts are automotive-grade 750-hour salt spray hardware. Security is also enhanced with a tamper-resistant hitch as well as a semi-integrated bike cable lock system.

The Transfer v2 comes in one-bike, two-bike and three-bike versions, with the ability to add on space for an additional bike to expand storage to two, three or four bikes total. The one bike version comes with a 1.25-inch hitch with a two-inch adaptor. The two-bike version is available with the new two-inch Flatlock hitch or the 1.25-inch hitch with a two-inch adaptor and the three bike version comes with the two-inch Flatlock hitch. Note that the one-bike add-on accessory is not compatible with the 1.25-inch hitch variation of the two bike version, but works with all other Transfer v2 racks.


  • Transfer v2 1-bike: $279
  • Transfer v2 2-bike (both hitch versions): $379
  • Transfer v2 3-bike: $479
  • 1-bike add on: $139

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