Dec 7, 2015 – With road rides taking on tougher and tougher terrain it’s nice to know you have all the pressure you need nestled against your frame, but mini-pumps are really only good for emergency “get-home” pressure.


We miss the big Silca Impero frame pumps of old, lots of volume and lots of style; but fret not, Silca is rebooting the Impero.

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Made to the same insane standards as the incredible Silca SuperPista floor pump, it hits 100psi in about 100 strokes.

That’s basically twice as fast as any other portable. Thanks to new silicon bumpers it fits snuggly on everything from steel frames to monster carbon monocoque. The Impero Ultimate is U.S. made, comes in four sizes to fit almost any frame, and it looks so good you might need a new bike to do it justice.

$165; 267 grams (MD);