The Bike Rack as Art: Vadolibero "Creating a compelling wonderland for cyclists: unique pieces of furniture that celebrate your cycling passion at home."

Storing your bike, especially for those of us living in compact urban settings, is never easy. But, since 2014, Italian designer Vadolibero has taken giant steps toward reinventing traditional bike racks. Its stated objective: “Creating a compelling wonderland for cyclists: unique pieces of furniture that celebrate your cycling passion at home.” And Vadolibero does so by transforming the bike rack into floor lamps, shelves and other household objects in an utterly unique manner.

• Keep your bike in the living room, but stop just leaning it against the book shelves. 

• Vadolibero integrates bike racks and gear for cycling storage with lamps and shelves.

• The KRYON stand incorporates a discrete lock for storage in more public places. 

a caycle

Proud of your latest Time Machine or Dogma F10? Interested in showing it off, even when you cannot actually be on it? Well, the bike racks proposed by Vadolibero will do just that, instantly making your favorite ride into a conversation piece, and a space-saving one at that.

Beginning with the ORI GO, a bike rack that actually places one’s bike between two drawers, Vadolibero combined innovation with downright pragmatism to create a bike rack that the company considers to be no less than a cyclist’s butler. From its already original starting point, it then launched the DO MUS, a large shelf or modern-day mantle, that displays one’s ride of pride, front and center. And an elegant lamp in the shape of a long, flat handlebar is incorporated into the shelf itself, further highlighting the machine on display.

Throwing all modesty aside, Vadolibero set out to construct “the ultimate celebration of your cycling passion: an illuminated piece of furniture that turns your bike into a work of art.” And while there is ample shelf space for other objects, the DOMUS makes it instantly clear that cycling is central to its owner’s existence.

Aware that security is also a central issue for any cyclist who has invested thousands into their dream machine, Vadolibero then conceived the KRYON, an efficient stand that incorporates a locking system. Perfect for any cycling-friendly office space, it’s the design firm’s most discreet product, one with an understated elegance.

a caycle
More recently, the Italian designer has continued to incorporate stands and racks into original design pieces. This was never more the case than with the absolutely original NEOS, a futuristic version of the ORIGO but with an eye firmly on great Pop Art design, as it transforms the classic drawers of the original cyclist’s butler into an eye catching egg shape. Clearly proud of these recent inventions, Vadolibero has teamed up with Dario Pegoretti to create a work of art, while other models are in a distinct pink that honors the Milan-based company’s native Giro d’Italia.Clearly, ideas abound within this Italian design firm. And at the rate it is going, its products may not just double as bike stands, but also as museum pieces.