Peloton Service Course is racing Summer hard to the finish line. Here is a six pack of products that have caught and held our attention these past few months.


WTB EXPOSURE TIRE. Like other dirt-centric brands, the new adventure/gravel/mixed-surface-riding trend has given WTB a new avenue upon which to ply its trade. Its massive Horizon 47mm 650b tires are already sought after—but what about those of us that can’t run a 650b tire? WTB’s Exposure line has grown to include new 30mm, 32mm and 34mm tires. The goal of the Exposure was to put the durability WTB knows tires need in the dirt with a profile and compound that works on the road. The dual durometer rubber, with light tread over a tubeless sealant-ready casing, makes the WTB Exposure ideal for roadies wanting to expand their horizons. $80, 315g (32mm);

BORN BLOCKS. We recently met Born Superior Sports Care, a European nutrition and body-care brand. It offers the usual slate of mixes, bars and gels, but throws in the reliably strange Euro products we love to try out: chamois powder, sports cake and even mouth wash and shampoo. Our favorite? The Born Block. This is not the chewable energy blocks we think of in the States. These are chewable tablets that are more like strawberry and lemon sweet tarts than gels. They contain caffeine, magnesium and carbohydrates. They are easy to carry, easy to eat and they flat out work. We’re hooked.


ELITE FLY BOTTLE AND VICO CAGE. What’s the first thing you do at the bottom of the final climb? Toss your empty bottles to save those precious grams, right? Well, maybe, if you carry a UCI WorldTour license. Never mind the litter, good bottles are expensive. Elite has the answer for all you gram counters. Its new combo of Fly Bottle and Vico cage weighs just 78 grams—empty of course. That’s less then the vast majority of quality bottles alone. The cage is tough and secure while the bottles, despite being very thin, have held up well—just don’t bite down on the nozzle too hard; it can come off. $8 Fly Bottle, $40 Vico Cage;


PEARL IZUMI ELITE ROAD V5 SHOE. The P.R.O. Leader shoe is Pearl Izumi’s top-of-the-line shoe that led the charge in moving closures to the shoe’s tongue. The new Elite Road v5 from Pearl Izumi puts the Boa IP1 in the same place, uses the same “unibody” construction, has a super-stiff Carbon Power Plate outsole and a three-layer composite upper that conforms to your foot while offering breathability—and does it all for considerably less than the P.R.O. Leader. $240, 275g (size 43);


NUUN PERFORMANCE HYDRATION. Nuun has primarily been known for low-calorie tablet-based hydration. It recently hooked up with Dr. Stacy Sims (remember OSMO?) and has launched a new powder mix based on her research and development. It’s called Performance and is designed for intense activity or activity lasting 90 minutes or more. Nuun has led the way in sourcing pure ingredients, and Performance is no different, being the first hydration mix that is both Non-GMO Project Verified and Informed Choice—Safe for Sport. No worries about tainted product here! Like other products that Dr. Sims has worked on, you can be sure it has the ideal formula for quick absorption and won’t give you gut rot. $20/16 servings $2/Individual pouches;

While we love matching kits as much as the next rider, sometimes we want to go old school—and that means black shorts. We keep it simple with Rouler’s Brevet Bibs. With rich and durable Italian fabrics, a deep-black dye, subtle reflective touches, comfortable and secure bib straps and an antibacterial chamois ready for big miles, we find ourselves reaching for these bibs more and more often. Subtle branding means they match everything too. The Rouler Brevet bibs are available in men’s and women’s cuts as well as a knicker version. $150;