On deck this week from the Peloton Service Course is a comfy handlebar from Bontrager that will give any bike a dose of front end compliance, BH’s latest aero road bike, and the inevitable, but still eagerly awaited SRAM Hydro HC for eTap.


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Bontrager IsoCore Bars

Can’t afford a fancy new Trek Domane with all its IsoSpeed tech for comfort? Some of that comfort comes from new handlebars: Bontrager’s IsoCore bars. Using a special layer within the bars’ carbon layup, Bontrager is able to reduce vibration by 20 percent over its more traditional carbon bars. Add Bontrager’s EVA IsoZone pads on the tops and drops and you’ve got the most comfortable bars ever made. Say goodbye to numb hands and a sore neck; even your shoulders and back will thank you. $325; trekbikes.com

Aero Disc from the Basques

The gang at BH may be thought of as Basque climbers, but they have been making aero road bikes for a long time—and they are some of the best looking and performing aero road bikes in the peloton. The new G7 continues this tradition. Its shapes, based on the G6, were honed with Fluid Dynamics and wind-tunnel time, while weight was kept to a minimum thanks to lessons BH learned making the new Ultralight EVO. This new frame has also been optimized for disc brakes from the outset, not just as an afterthought. One of the reasons BH bikes climb so well is the incredibly short rear stays they use. With the rear wheel tucked beneath you, the acceleration is instant —just as if you are bounding up a climb on fresh legs. Despite the discs, BH has blessed the G7 with 402mm stays: short and reactive. $4,800; bhbikes-us.com

The No-Stress Lever

We know two things: that disc brakes offer more power and more modulation with less effort at the lever and SRAM eTap is the easiest, most intuitive way to shift. Now those two things have come together to create the ultimate in fingertip ease— SRAM Hydro HC. It’s Red eTap electronic shifting with new hydraulic calipers. The levers do everything eTap levers do, like paddle-shifting logic and reach adjust, while offering the cleanest lines of any hydro levers and a new feature that allows you to dial in when the lever engages the brake. Look for the group to be available this October.$TBD; SRAM.com