The kids back at school? Get out on the road with new goods from the Peloton Service Course, including a SQ Lab’s ‘active’ saddle for big miles, a new helmet Rudy Project claims is the best it has ever made and Schwalbe’s making tubeless even easier.


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Comfort for the Long Haul.
Based out of Germany, the new SQlab Ergowave Active Carbon LP road saddle offers the perfect fit with four different widths to choose from: 12, 13, 14 or 15cm. At 220 grams, the 612 Ergowave model is the lightest of its “active” models and sure to help you conquer a big day in the Alps this summer. Correct weight distribution is provided by a pronounced concave area toward the rear of the perch. Pressure relief for the perineal area is accomplished by slightly lowering the nose from the rear to the front of the saddle—helping adventuring-seeking riders put comfortable power out for hours on end. 220g; $250;

Create a Hurricane in Your Helmet
Rudy Project has been making helmets for a long time, and when it says it has made the best helmet in its history, we listen. Once the obvious safety priorities had been achieved, the Airstorm was built around a single goal: airflow. Sixteen front vents and six huge extraction ports suck air across your head, increasing evaporative cooling significantly. The interior of the helmet has very deep channels that help the Airstorm perform at low speeds too. When climbing, airspeed can’t be relied upon to move air, so the deep channels allow heat to move away from your head and out the rear ports. The next step was making it light, comfortable and relatively inexpensive, so more riders would be more likely to wear it. 260g; $200;

Tubeless Gets Even Easier
Schwalbe made tubeless set-up easier for everyone with its new line of tubeless tires. No other brand mounts on rims with more ease and sets up as quickly. It doesn’t hurt that these tires are magic on the road too. Now, Schwalbe is making it even easier with a Tubeless Easy Kit. In one snappy little box you get tubeless rim tape, two tubeless valves, Easy Fit mounting fluid to lube the bead, two 60ml bottles of Doc Blue sealant (enough for four road tires) and three tire levers. Most importantly, for many riders new to tubeless, instructions are included. Ever ything you need to set up tubeless tires in one kit. Easy. $70;