Spinergy hits the gravel

Spinergy GXX
Spinergy has long produced eye-catching wheelsets with unique designs. Remember the Rev X and its four carbon spokes per wheel? Like many things from the 1990s, those wheels now exist only in our memories. And while Spinergy has reined in things a bit since that iconic wheelset, the 30-year-old brand still brings plenty of innovation and tech to the table.

Spinergy’s latest wheelset, the GXX, is perfectly suited to serious gravel riding. The first thing that you’ll likely notice is Spinergy’s patented PBO composite spokes. Each spoke is made from over 30,000 strands of polyphenylene bensobisoxazole fiber. If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to pronounce that, don’t sweat it. Just know that it means each spoke delivers three times the strength of stainless steel, at half the weight. That’s an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, but the biggest benefit of these advanced spokes is their ride quality, which is perfectly tuned for gravel. They absorb both the bigger impacts from off-road riding or hitting potholes and the constant buzz of gravel roads, letting you ride for a longer time with less fatigue. And they stay true through all the bumps.

The GXX wheels feature a brand-new rim design that’s up to the demands of gravel riders. With a 24mm-wide internal rim width, these wheels are purpose-built to handle high-volume tires in the 40mm range and beyond. Plus, they’re tubeless ready, so you can run lower pressures for added vibration absorption. Spinergy then laces these wide rims to CNC-machined hubs rolling on sealed-cartridge bearings. For additional strength, Spinergy has included a foam core in these carbon rims, which has the added benefit of preventing water from entering the rim. So, go ahead and ride through any weather and any terrain without picking up extra weight.

Speaking of weight, the pair comes in at 1,525 grams. For $999, these wheels offer quite a lot of ride quality at a nice price, making them a solid upgrade to your gravel bike. If you seek something more exclusive, Spinergy also offers a special edition called the GXX Limited (shown at top). Only 100 pairs will be made of this set that features gold-anodized hubs and custom-gold graphics. And the set gets a performance boost, too, thanks to ceramic bearings. If you have an extra $200, this $1,199 wheelset might be worth a look. $999; 1,525g/pair; spinergy.com

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