Specialized Uses Color Changing Paint to Promote Olympic Equipment and Athletes


Inspired by the Olympic torch and the many athletes that will be using Specialized’s products in Rio, the California based brand has delivered a collection of products with striking paint jobs that actually change color depending on the ambient temperature. Both the S-Works Amira and S-Works Tarmac, as well as the Evade helmet, can be had in paint that is a reddish-orange at 22 celsius and changes to bright yellow as the temperature soars. Specialized calls them ‘Torch Editions‘. With 30 celsius + expected in Rio over the weekend these bikes should be completely yellow as Rafal Majka, Julien Alaphilippe, Dan Martin, Lizzie Armistead and a host of other top athletes hit the road course.


Specialized has delivered an entire collection inspired by this look – S-Works 6 Shoes, Grail gloves, socks, SL Pro kits, etc…but only the bikes and helmet actually change colors. Look for Peter Sagan’s S-Works Epic at the Olympic Cross Country race on the 21st to be a Torch Edition as well.

Check out the whole collection here.